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The examinations are conducted as prescribed in the semester system as Mid semester examination, quiz exam, Final practical exam and Final theory examination.

(a) Mid semester examinations:

There shall be one Mid semester examination to be conducted by the teacher offering the course after 50% of the working days are over in a semester. The duration for mid semester examination shall be for one and half hours.

The marks allotted for mid semester will be 40.

Ordinarily no condonation for absence shall be given. However, if a student is genuinely prevented from taking examination as in the case of serious illness or accident or any other case, a special re-examination may be arranged by the concerned teacher in consultation with the Head of the department. This repeat examination shall be held within two weeks from the date of examinations so missed, and shall be a common examination for all the students, whoever missed that.

Unless a student appears for the mid-semester examination he/she shall not be permitted to appear for the semester final theory and practical examinations in the course concerned.

The regular mid-semester examination and the special re-examination shall be conducted as

per the time to be fixed by the Associate Dean.

(b) Quiz Exam:

One objective quiz exam will be conducted by the concerned course teacher during the semester which will be evaluated internally.

(c) Practical Exam:

Practical examinations shall be conducted by the college internally.

(d) Semester final examinations:

The semester final examinations shall be held at the end of each semester in each course. The semester final examination in the theory portion shall be of two hours duration. It shall be the responsibility of the University to conduct the semester final examinations of theory portion. The students shall be given two preparation holidays (inclusive of the public holiday) before the commencement of semester final theory examinations.

The answer scripts of the semester final theory examinations shall be coded by the Associate Dean of the examination centre before forwarding them to the Associate Dean of the evaluation centre. The award lists received from the evaluation centre shall be forwarded to the teacher in-charge of the course along with detached coded slips which were hitherto kept under the custody of the Associate Dean of the examination centre for computing the grade point.

Absence of students ‘enmasse’ from a class or examination shall not be condoned. The Associate Dean, in addition, may order suspension of the course, if deemed necessary.

The Associate Dean of the college shall be responsible for dealing with all cases of use of unfair means in various examinations. The Phrase, “Use of Unfair Means” include possession of any information or material by the student,talking to other students, copying from other students or from printed or written material, impersonation etc. The invigilator concerned, on finding the use of unfair means by any student may take the answer scripts of the student and the material evidence, if any, and the explanation from the student.

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